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Einar Haraldsson Erlendur Agency

 Einar Haraldsson 

Role: Actor
Base: Iceland 
Work: International 

Languages: English &  Icelandic 

Iceland:  TV  Sisterhood (Policeman)


                        Stella Blomkvist 2 (Police Detective)

 Operation Napoleon (passenger In flight

                          Cop Secret (person in the mall)

                          Beautiful Beings (alcoholic person)

         Int. movies.  Heart of Stone (Driver)

                         No Time to Think (personal bodyguard)

                         Ride the Wanted Trail (cowboy)

                         Copperhead Creek (cowboy)

Upcoming movies:  The Lost Ship (German ship cook)

                           Johnny in London (Dr Luis)

                            3 Thieves (Chief of Interpol)

Upcoming TV series USA:  Kill Devil Hills (Rodim Meyers) episode 1-24

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