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Erlendur is a Talent & Casting Agency based in Iceland.

Representing a culturally diverse pool of talents such as

Models, Actors, Photographers, Videographers, stylists, Makeup Artists, Voiceover & influencers.

Our mission is to promote cultural diversity in front and behind the camera, connect the best talents, and foster creativity without borders. ​

" We believe talents have no borders."

"We connect the best with the best. "

"We are an embodiment of creativity."​

We promote cultural Diversity in front and behind the camera.

Our Services

Talent Representation, Models, Casting, and Scouting for TV, Film & Commercials 
Erlendur Models

Advertising campaigns


Fashion brand lookbook

Runway shows

Magazine editorials

Influencer campaign

Erlendur Model Atli

Casting and scouting for

Movie Extras, TV, Theatre 

Film & commercials

Advertising campaigns


Fashion brands

Music Videos

Voice over artist 

Jeffrey Guarino

Makeup Artists



Digital Talents/Influencers


DJs and musicians for events

voice-over projects

Music Producers 


Our Founders 

Erlendur Models

Erlendur Talent Agency is the brainchild of three visionary ladies who decided to pool together their skills and creative talents to create a culturally diverse talent agency.

 The agency team consists of Barbara Nyakinyua, an international fashion model with a sharp eye for aesthetics. New York Fashion Week billboard model and Stylist Bianca Hallveig has a natural flair for design, art, and fashion she is also the co-founder of Erlendur Magazine. Carlotta Tate Olason Health psychologist and founder and editor of Erlendur Magazine   Carlotta is passionate about cultural creativity and enhancing human potential.

These ladies’ goal is to create a global platform that helps maximize and sustain the creative abilities of individuals, no matter their cultural heritage.

Erlendur Talent Agency takes a personalised approach to talent representation, working closely with talents and clients to understand their values, goals, and aspirations so that each project will be impactful. 

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